Climate Change and Sustainability

Extreme heat episodes do occur naturally because of changes in global weather patterns. However, the recent rise in the frequency, duration, and intensity of these occurrences is connected to observed global warming and may be attributable to human activities.

The likelihood of 40°C days in the UK is up to ten times greater in the current environment than in a natural climate undisturbed by human influence. The chance of temperatures topping 40°C everywhere in the UK each year has also been steadily rising.

While a 1°C rise in background temperature may not appear to be substantial, the subsequent increase in the severity of extreme heat episodes is already visible in the observed record. This has widespread and significant impacts. 

How to make sustainability a part of your business culture.

You simply need to make a few minor modifications to your business to make it more environmentally friendly. Many will assist to reduce operational costs, recruit environmentally conscious staff, and, most significantly, contribute to the preservation of a habitable world for our children and future generations.

Build a culture of awareness

Make sustainability a part of your office culture, and it will become the standard both inside and outside the workplace. Creating a green champion for each department is an excellent place to start.

Make use of the cloud

Cloud computing is already the standard for businesses; a cloud infrastructure solves two essential parts of a green IT strategy: energy efficiency and resource efficiency. Running your organisation using cloud technology not only saves space and flexibility, but it also saves money on hardware and production, as well as the emissions that come with both.

Reconsider your waste

Encourage employees not to print emails or draught papers.

Consider instituting a company-wide ban on single-use water bottles. If plastic water bottles end up in landfills, they can take hundreds of years to degrade fully. By incorporating filtration into your water system, your employees will be able to drink pure water from the break room tap.

Waste reduction also makes good business sense since it lowers the expenses of both purchasing and waste disposal.

Recycling is an easy method to make a significant difference. 

Reducing travel

Video conferencing technology has advanced significantly in recent years, making it simpler than ever to connect with coworkers all around the world and do business online.

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road reduces pollution and carbon emissions. 

Allow workers to work from home one or two days each week. 

Even something as easy as putting up a bike rack at the workplace is a step in the right direction.

Choose ecologically friendly vendors

Find other businesses and organisations that share your desire to combat climate change.

Using local caterers and suppliers not only benefits your local economy and other small companies, but it also lowers your carbon impact.

Eating seasonal foods also helps to avoid less environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Save energy

How many of your laptops and gadgets are left on even when no one is present? Careful use of technology and appliances not only saves energy, but it also saves money on your monthly expenses.

Make the switch to sustainable energy sources.

Get involved

Measure your carbon footprint

Have a green day or plant trees. Indoor plants can help to enhance the overall air quality.

Placing recycling bins in common work and meeting spaces communicates to workers and visitors to your business that you take environmental responsibility seriously.

Learn to use video chat to engage with your clients, since it may provide similar face-to-face benefits as an in-person meeting.

Expert Accounting and Finance have set up a practice to minimise damaging the environment as much as possible and in order to help even further, we have now become a member of Ecologi to compensate for our carbon footprint. 

This means every month, Ecologi will plant trees or fund a climate project to offset 1 footprint for each employee at Expert Accounting & Finance. 

We have already planted 590 trees and achieved 14.5 tonnes of carbon reduction. Every month more trees will be planted on our behalf and each new employee joining our team will be added to this program