Why Should Small Businesses Use Xero?

Why Should Small Businesses Use Xero?

Being your own boss, realising a dream, flexible working hours; these are just some of the many reasons for starting and running your own business.

A passion for bookkeeping and accounting, however, is rarely a motivating factor. (With the exception of bookkeepers and accountants, of course!).

The good news is that cloud accounting software, like Xero, can make this aspect of your business easier and simpler, freeing you up to focus on the tasks you most enjoy.

Xero has been designed specifically to meet the accounting needs of small and growing businesses. It has revolutionised cloud accounting, and is currently in use by over 800,000 companies around the world.

So what makes Xero so good?

Xero is a monthly subscription service, with affordable pricing for new and small businesses. With three tiers of plan, you are free to pay only for what you need, and there's no need to pay for additional users either. Plans start from just £10 per month.

With three pricing plans, Xero will grow with your business. You are free to cancel or change your plan at any time, offering maximum flexibility.

Easy to use
One of the greatest features of Xero is that it has been consciously designed for non-accountants. As a result, it is easy and intuitive to use, saving hours of work and reducing time spent on training staff to use it efficiently. 

Xero works fully on both Mac and PC. In fact Business News Daily recommends Xero as the best accounting software for Mac, with it performing equally as well as its Windows counterpart.

A myriad of apps integrate with Xero, enabling your business to be more efficent. For instance, the point-of-sale app, Square, automatically syncs transactions with Xero, minimising data entry. As Xero is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, so you are not restricted to your desk.

Xero provides a real-time snapshot of the financial health of your business, better enabling you to plan and make important decisions.

Based in the cloud, Xero allows business owners to stay connected to their accountants, who will be working from the same up-to-date data.

How we can help
At Expert Accounting and Finance, we are proud to have received certification from Xero, enabling us to best support our business clients for success.

To find out more about how we can support your business alongside Xero, contact us at info@expertacc.com or call 0207 887 2437.